What Jewellery Trends do You Have?

This article provides some of the hottest and best jewellery trends

Most of the girls like to dress up and are fans of wearing jewellery. Indeed, jewellery looks really good and if the designs are good, it gives a stunning look. Designs change almost every year; some fade away very quickly while some of the designs last for years to come by.

Jeweller’s International Showcase (JIS) is a famous event related to jewelry. The event displays some of the best jewellery trends in the world. The jewellery items that were showed last year revealed the hottest trend for this year – 2018. This article provides some great information related to the jewellery designs trending this year.  Some of the new trends include pearls, charm necklaces, primitive/tribal jewelry etc. and others of the sort.

You must read the complete article to learn more about the latest trends in jewelry!

Gusty Pearls

Have pearls ever been cooler? Perhaps not since Coco Chanel wrapped herself in dozens of luminous ropes.

The New Charms

Prada’s fantastic plastic charm necklaces for Spring 2018 solidified a trend that’s been brewing for some time, but continues to skew more whimsical and playful as it evolves.

Inlay & Enamel

Jewelry incorporating color and illustration, via enamel and inlay, is having a bona fide moment in the style spotlight.

Author: Emili Vesilind


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